Improve your English with a REAL English EXPERIENCE in the safest and most multicultural city in North America: Ottawa, Canada

We are an English School in Ottawa. We help international students learn FAST. We use an innovative and proven method to teach English: We spend more time in REAL SCENARIOS than textbook exercises.

Why our School is different

Experience, Experience and Experience. That's the answer.

If you want to improve your English you can easily find hundreds of schools in North America to help you.

But… what about using English in the REAL world?

  • Who is going to help with that?
  • Who is going to help with REAL English situations, not just doing boring work in classrooms, but talking outside classes with native speakers?
  • Who is going to help you to create a whole travel and learning experience?
  • Who is going to go with you… to visit the best attractions like restaurants, pubs, museums, shops, activities, startups, events and festivals… to use your English in REAL situations?
  • Who is going to introduce you to the REAL Canadian culture, like family events, barbecues, camping, or trekking?

Anybody else can teach English… but you need someone to teach you how to use it in the modern world, with real people in real situations.


You can read books and have English classes in your country. We want to provide something different!

This is why we made the HELLO EXPERIENCE.

To help you…

  1. Live a REAL English experience, not just sitting in a boring classroom
  2. Connect with native English speakers and be confident 
  3. Be surrounded by an awesome native Canadian team
  4. To not be intimidated by native English speakers
  5. Discover the real Canadian culture, through social barbecues and family events
  6. Find new, amazing opportunities that only English can provide

If you’re ready to finally become an English speaker who can successfully network & communicate with other English speakers…

You should consider joining the program.

Carley Davidson
Pedagogical Leader at Hello Experience, Certified Member of Ontario College of Teachers, ESL English Teacher, TEFL / TESOL Teaching Certificate Open International Academy.

Our Teacher Carley:

“I’ve been working with adult students for some time, and over the years I’ve heard the same sentiment repeated: students are tired of traditional English classes! 

If you’re here on this site looking for an opportunity to improve your English, I imagine you might feel the same way. Maybe you are tired of learning vocabulary in a classroom and studying grammar rules and taking tests. Maybe you need a vacation from work but it would also really help you to learn English.  You are not alone!

Maybe you don’t have to choose whether to study or travel… maybe you can do both!

The language learning industry is stuck in traditional models of education. People like you are investing YEARS of their lives trying to master a language based solely on rules and sitting around a table with a book. The methods are out of date. Language schools have forgotten the most important element in the brains of the language learning process – HAVING EXPERIENCES WITH REAL PEOPLE!

We are different. Learning starts in the classroom but it is extended into the real world.  Beyond language, you learn culture through various experiences that challenge your inhibitions. 

There is no friendlier place on earth to learn English than here in Ottawa, Canada. We are a family of many cultures and you will feel that warmth in our community. You will “let down your walls” and “open your mind” to the possibility that learning English can involve more than classrooms and textbooks – it can be centered around the true Canadian EXPERIENCE!

I can only work with a small group of students, and many of the spots have already been taken.

If you are ready to take your English communication skills to the next level; if you are ready to live and learn through a REAL English immersion, you should apply to join a small-group experience with us!

Grab your spot NOW and don’t miss this opportunity…

… especially because it’s going to lead to many, many more.”


Some unique moments



The prices below apply only for who starts on December 2019. After that $260 Part-time and $410 Full.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars. **10% discount for more than 8 weeks program. Our classes start on Mondays. How much does it cost to study? By the week...


Morning and Extras
$ 234
per week**
  • 15 classes hours per week in the morning
  • Our English method follows common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • 3 English Experience hours outdoor per week at night or weekend, casual conversation, eg: barbecue (included in outdoor hours)


Morning, Afternoon and Extras
$ 369
per week**
  • 15 classes hours per week in the morning
  • Our English method follows common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • 10+ hours of English Experience per week using English in real settings and excursions around Ottawa; "Field trips" for local culture and tourist attractions
  • 3 English Experience hours per week - in the evening or on a weekend - with opportunity for casual conversation and socializing. For example: a barbecue

– 10% discount for more than 8 weeks.
– Our classes start on Mondays
– The next start date available is
December 2nd, 2019

You choose the length of study. Chat with us if you don’t know how long you need to meet your goals!



We are located in the heart of Ottawa in the ByWard Market

78 George St, Ottawa, Canada

Check out what one week of English Experience would look like

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 to 12:00
Meet at "Campus" by 9AM. Classes teach vocabulary and phrases, grammar, pronunciation etc. Together, we practice exercises for useful expressions, and Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking topics. These topics and lessons are relevant to the afternoon experience. Consider this our warm-up for the activity we will have in the afternoon.
Social meet-up. Either one weeknight or on Saturday (Example: for a barbecue and casual conversation).
12:00 to 1:00 PM

Or Lunchtime is incredible. All students bring a lunch. We have a fridge and microwave. Many students reviewed our lunch period as the best time of day, because you're never bored or alone: we play card games, party games and board games. 

1:00 to 4:00 PM
Immerse yourself in Ottawa! "Outside" the classroom, with guided practice. Use English in real settings around Ottawa. We plan visits to the best Ottawa spots. For example, museums, parks, festivals and events, historical places, tours of unique companies or local businesses and startups (Shopify, Klipfolio), sports arena tours and learning new cultural sports and games, or local crafts and hobbies.
7:00 to 10:00 PM
We will meet socially, either one weeknight or on Saturday, for a barbecue and casual conversation, games or unstructured activities.

At the end of each week you will have 15 hours of structured lessons (grammar, examples, pronunciation and vocabulary) and 20 hours of pure conversation about the most incredible subjects of Canadian and English culture.  

Schedule an online meeting with one of our Tutors


I will explain everything about our city, our school and how help organize one of the best experiences of your life!


Head of Experience , Hello


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me get my visa?

Like every language school, we are not permitted to advise or assist with the visa process to enter Canada. General Information on how to apply for a tourist visa can be found on or your nearest Canadian Embassy. For more specific information see the next questions


How long will I be allowed to stay in Canada?

Most visitors are allowed to stay up to 6 months in Canada.


What will I need to apply for a tourist visa?

(Note: tourist visa = visitor visa = temporary resident visa)
Visit the Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date information. Need help understanding the English? THAT we can help with!


What if my tourist visa expires and I am enrolled in the program?

(Note: tourist visa = visitor visa = temporary resident visa)

We have a fantastic return policy. We refund 97%.


How long will it take to get a tourist visa?

(Note: tourist visa = visitor visa = temporary resident visa)

It depends where you are from. Please refer to the Government of Canada information page here


Do you offer a Letter of Acceptance?

No, but you don’t need one.  Some education companies issue a Letter of Acceptance in order for you to apply for a Study Visa. Hello Experience doesn’t issue a letter of acceptance because our students usually stay less than 6 months for a language course, which a tourist visa covers.


My employer needs proof of study for me to get reimbursement. Do you offer certificates?

Yes – We can certify the number of hours you’ve studied with us, and estimate your language proficiency at start and finish of the program.  We do not provide official test services such as IELTS or TOEFL scores; those are private companies and an external service.


I need to be at a level C1 to apply for immigration to Canada. Can you certify that I am level C1?

Not exactly. We can provide a certificate for the number of hours you’ve studied with us, and estimate your language proficiency at start and finish of the program (roughly on any recognized language scale). We do not provide official test services such as IELTS or TOEFL scores. You will need to take a test from an official test provider in order to get a verified score. We have knowledge and resources in the major English evaluation scales (Such as Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), Common European Framework (CEFR), IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC) and we can certainly help you be successful on the test! For more information about what test you should take, check out this blog post


How much does it cost to visit Canada?

Our program costs (by the week) include trips to tourist destinations, so that you get the best value for your money!   Living expenses in Canada can range from $75-300 (Canadian Dollars) per week. It depends on where you stay (do you have family or friends here?) and if you cook at home or eat out.  See the average costs for tourists by category here


Where can I stay in Ottawa?

1) Will you rent an apartment or house and live on your own or with roommates?

2) Will you live with a Canadian family in a homestay?

3) Will you stay short-term in a hotel or bed and breakfast?

Check it out our community post with many options to stay in Ottawa.