5 facts you didn’t know about the relationship between Canada and Germany

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, hosted Heiko Maas, Germany’s Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, to discuss a range of topics. They talked about how we share a commitment to democracy, human rights, fighting climate change, multilateralism, rules-based trade, non-proliferation efforts, and other peace and security issues.

To celebrate this meeting between Canada and Germany, we here are 5 facts about this relationship you probably don’t know:

Almost 10% of Canada’s population has some German ancestry.

That’s huge. We are talking about 3.7 million people. That means 1 in 10 Canadians. You can stop on streets to talk in German, right? Well, probably not. But Canadians are super polite, so they will smile to you while you speak in German, for sure, and will apologize for not speaking German back to you.

“Ich liebe Ottawa so sehr!”   
“I’m sorry, I don’t speak German.  Don’t you just love Ottawa?” 😀

Germany is Canada’s largest export market in the EU and sixth-largest trading partner globally.

Thank you, buddies! When you are around Ottawa let me know; the next Timbits are on me!


About 1 million Canadians and Germans travel to the other country every year.

That’s super cool, we didn’t know we were so close.  Hey, let’s celebrate with beer and poutine.

Germany and Canada are important friends and allies in the G7, G20, NATO, United Nations and other multilateral organizations.

 From now on, I won’t forget any of your stories, my German friend. #BFF

CAP D’ANTIBES, FRANCE – MAY 22: Heidi Klum (L) and Justin Bieber (Photo by Dave Benett/amfAR14/WireImage)

Canada has a special area called “New Germany” in the province of Nova Scotia.

That is our real friendship proof. We are still waiting for you to return the love… is there a New Canada or Neu Canada yet?

Our source: https://www.canada.ca/en/global-affairs/news/2019/08/german-foreign-minister-heiko-maas-to-visit-canada.html

Do you know any other curious facts about the relationship between Canada and Germany? Please feel free to share with us 😉

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