1. Enrollment: A deposit of 40% of the total amount is due at the time of registration.

2. Rebooking: If a booking is changed up to 7 days before departure, we will be obliged to charge a non-refundable fee of $65 / 50?. We will do our utmost, but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of the request made.

3. Visa: In case of a visa refusal, a full refund minus the additional non-refundable fee can only be made if the student provides the letter of refusal issued by the embassy at the latest 7 days before departure. After this date, we will consider the participation of the student as confirmed and cancellation / rebooking fees will apply. In cases where the visa has not yet been issued 15 days before departure, we strongly recommend postponing the course. In this case, the first rebooking fee will not be charged.

4. Acceptable forms of payment:

By bank transfer:

By credit card:

5. Insurance:

Neither agent, operator, nor the school will be held responsible in any way for any accident, illness, loss of personal effects or change in personal circumstances arising at any time prior to, or during, the course.

6. Cancellation:

In the case of cancellations prior to the course start, the following fees will apply: Cancellation up to 7 days before course start: 40% of total fees, which will not exceed $200 or equivalent.